WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Trash piling up near a south Wichita dollar store are causing problems for those in the area.

For Randy Nunley, who lives in the area, it has gotten so bad he is asking the City to get involved. He says he has recently had to put out a fire behind his home and that the problem needs to be addressed.

“Everything is just tall, grass and brush all around it. It’s all very dry and hot from the summer,” said Nunley. “So we had to go back into the house and get our garden hose and throw it over this fence and put this fire out.”

Since the dollar store opened by his home two years ago, Nunley says the area has been neglected.

“They’ve got like a corral around their trash, and people started tearing down the privacy fence around it, and they would get in to dig for stuff, but when they did, they would just chuck stuff over the side,” Nunley said.

He says there are now people living in the field that is just 10 feet away from his back door. Nunley says he has called the city and complained to the store but that nothing has been done.

District 4 Council Member Jeff Blubaugh said he was not aware of the issue until Monday, Aug. 29 and is already addressing the problem.

“We will contact the property owner to get it cleaned up, and hopefully, you know, sometimes the City will go out there and set cameras and try to find out who’s doing the dumping and who’s trashing the neighborhood,” said Blubaugh.

Blubaugh said he hopes the store is there to stay.

“We’ve seen at other areas of town where those businesses will pick up and leave the area because they don’t feel wanted in those neighborhoods, and it’s very sad whenever we see that,” Blubaugh said.

The Wichita Police Department states they have visited the lot 31 times so far this year, compared to only 14 times last year.

Blubaugh says he reached out to the Homeless Outreach Team Monday. They made it there the same day.