SEDGWICK COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – Riverfest ended its 50th year of music, food, and fun in downtown Wichita on Saturday. Many volunteers are resting after putting on the big fest and for some, this isn’t their first time helping.

“Well, I’ve done about everything there is to do,” said Riverfest Ops Committee Volunteer, Jim Hand.

Hand has volunteered with Riverfest for about 48 years.

“I’ve served as general chairman three times, president of the River Festival Board, captain of the Wagon Masters, and in ’94 I was the Admiral,” said Hand.

Dave Carter has been making rounds for 38 years, meeting new people and working with some of the 5,000 volunteers.

“We do things for nothing we’d never do for pay. We are very good friends, we work hard, and we enjoy the festival immensely,” said Riverfest Operations Committee Volunteer, Dave Carter.

While Hand and Carter make things run smoothly everyone else gets a chance to enjoy the festivities, but this is why they do it.

“Standing on the bridge on Saturday night with the area full of people and looking over this and do I had a hand in doing this,” said Hand.

They said volunteering is a part of life.

“I think if you look at a pie chart of your life a portion of that pie needs to be volunteering whether it is civically or at church or nonprofit all those things it is a part of the pie,” said Carter.

Many volunteers get the role of driving around a golf cart, but Hand wanted

It’s a family affair for Hand and Carter, not only do they volunteer, but their wives and kids have also helped.

As for how long they plan on sticking around, both plan on helping as long as Riverfest lets them.