MAIZE, Kan. (KSNW) – When not in Washington D.C., Representative Ron Estes likes to visit some of the Kansans he serves.

Tuesday, he visited Maize High School to get a closer look at one of their latest projects, the solar initiative.

“Basically, they’re generating a lot of energy and a lot of electricity needs for them to use at the school through their own solar panel project. They developed here at the school, they implemented, installed and it’s actually working now,” said Congressman Estes.

While visiting, Congressman Estes did address some of the big headlines in Washington, like the impeachment inquiry of President Trump.

It has been a week since Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the House would be launching the impeachment inquiry for President Trump.

Congressman Estes says people have been monitoring everything the President says closely since he was elected.

“It’s been almost a non-stop avenue over the last couple years of going after every word the president said. You know his communication style is certainly different than mine but that doesn’t necessarily mean you try to impeach him,” said Estes.

The congressman says constituents have been calling his office to share some of their thoughts, and he is worried the impeachment process is distracting and will slow down progress on other issues.

He believes their time would be better used focusing on passing the United States Mexico Canada Agreement, border security and health care costs.

Representative Estes bluntly said he thinks the impeachment inquiry is a “political process.”

“People did not accept the elections back in 2016. We need to move past that. We were all elected in order to help make the country better and that’s what we need to be focusing on. Is how do we get things done that are good for America and good for Kansas,” said Estes.