WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Since June, when the government released its report of 144 cases of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), the sightings of these UAPs are going up everywhere.

On Tuesday, the Department of Defense announced plans to coordinate the investigation of UFO sightings in restricted airspace,

The body, known as the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group, will be a successor to the Navy’s UAP task force and its work will be overseen by senior military and intelligence community officials.

“If the Department of Defense is willing to confirm that that happened, I think perhaps people see it as an avenue to well maybe my story is true too,” explained Nick Atanasio.

Atanasio works at a space museum, but in his free time, he’s a UFO enthusiast.

“We don’t know how many galaxies there are in our entire universe. So if each one of those has hundreds of billions of stars and each of those stars may host a couple of planets, there’s so much that could be out there.”

Earlier this week, KSN News was sent a video from a viewer, Jacci Espinosa, showing a weird object flying through the sky.

“It was right outside my house, and we were driving home and my husband was like, ‘What is that?'”

After doing some research, Espinosa says she found out it wasn’t a UFO, but something she was always more fearful of than a UFO, an asteroid.

“I feel completely justified in my fear. I’ve always thought it was irrational up until this point,” Espinosa said laughing.

Last May, around the time of a lunar eclipse, assistant kitchen manager at Norton’s Brewing Co., Farley Charwell, says he saw an object floating in the sky.

“I then when I zoomed in I was like, ‘it’s probably a helicopter.’ But when I zoomed in and it was like a weird like fan looking thing. I don’t know how to explain it, like had spike coming out the side of it.”