USD 259 creates new strategic plan

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) - USD 259 has a guiding focus to ensure all students are college and career ready.

The school district announced its strategic plan for the next five years -- the first plan in almost 15 years, according to school officials.

In order to achieve college and career readiness, school leaders plan to focus on four long-term goals.

  1. Increase the high school graduation rate
  2. Increase 3rd grade reading proficiency
  3. Increase the percentage of students completing dual credit, concurrent credit, industry certification or other college and career readiness opportunities
  4. Ensure that schools are trusted as safe places by students, parents, staff and the community

Thompson said accomplishing the four goals will help make USD 259 the "district of choice."

"We, as a district, are going to have to look at things just a little bit differently so that we're able to meet the needs of what our community and what our families are looking for for the next generation of kids that come through our school district," she said.

The four goals were created by the school board and Superintendent Alicia Thompson. 

In October 2017, Thompson held 20 listening sessions with stakeholders, community members, staff and students to learn what they see as the district's future.

"This school district belongs to the city of Wichita and to the people who work in it, and I wanted it to be just that," explained Thompson.

The community feedback was presented to the school board in February, and since then, worked to create a strategic plan.

The strategic plan also includes seven strategic themes

  • Ensure success for all learners
  • Prepare for college and career
  • Support the whole child
  • Invest in staff
  • Engage families and community
  • Communicate to build trust
  • Align resources and infrastructure

Thompson said the district will form seven "theme teams."

 "Those teams will work together to create a strategic plan underneath each one of the themes," she said. "Under each theme, there will be specific goals and outcomes that we will be looking for and monitoring throughout the year to be able to accomplish the bigger overarching goals."

The district also plans to look at data throughout the year, according to the superintendent.

By focusing on the seven themes, school leaders can achieve the four long-term goals.

"We've done a lot of great things but I do know, as listening to the community, what they want is they want a well-rounded student," said Thompson. "They want the whole child to be educated, not just academically, but they want those social and emotional skills also for that student."

The 2018-2023 strategic plan can be viewed on USD 259's website.






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