WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Due to the high winds blowing through Wichita today, school buses will not use highways this afternoon. This may cause delays for some routes.

Many schools and evening activities were canceled today due to the weather conditions. Some schools were also releasing students early. Closings were made to keep students, staff, and parents safe.

According to KSN’s Chief Meteorologist Lisa Teachman, winds between 20-50 mph are expected, with wind gusts ranging between 50 to even more than 70 mph. The wind gusts first appeared in southwest Kansas Wednesday morning, made their way into central Kansas by the lunch hour, then we will see them head into the northeast by late evening.

Across Kansas, these winds have the power of knocking down trees, power lines that could cause widespread power outages and impact large vehicles such as semi-trucks and school buses.

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