Andrew Strotkamp is a busy man.

The Valley Center resident works two jobs, both in Park City. He had even less time in his day after walking 2.9 miles one way to those jobs.

“(It) averages out to anywhere from an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and 20 minutes,” Strotkamp told KSN news.

Several weeks ago, Strotkamp was checking his mail when a neighbor called the police on him. Officer Eric Leeker arrived to the scene.

“He ran my ID and made sure I didn’t have any warrants or anything then offered me a ride to work, which I graciously accepted,” Strotkamp said.

A few days later, on his walk to work, his path crossed Leeker’s again. Leeker gave Strotkamp a ride to work again that day.

But the next time Strotkamp would see officer Leeker and new officer, Liliana Garcia, would be in the lobby of the Park City McDonald’s, one of Strotkamp’s places of work.

“You don’t typically see cops coming in to your place of work when you’re not in trouble,” Strotkamp admits.

The officers gifted Strotkamp with a brand new bike they purchased, along with a bike lock, headlight and tailight.

The bike cuts his commute down to 20 minutes and is easier on is feet.

“I was fortunate enough to meet a couple officers that cared enough,” Strotkamp said.

KSN reached out to officer Leeker for a statement. He said, in part:

“Serving and protecting our community is essential to having public trust and we strive to gain that trust.”