MAIZE, Kan. (KSNW) — Veterans from across the country are gathering in Maize this weekend for the 2nd Annual Veteran Motocross Championships.

“The noise, the atmosphere, the dust, I feel like this is my place, my heaven,” said Army Veteran Chance Cleary.

The track is an escape Cleary thought he might never return to after being deployed to Afghanistan.

“May of 2012, I got injured in an IED (improvised explosive device) explosion. I spent 2 1/2 years at Walter Reed Hospital going through therapies and stuff,” Cleary explained.

After deciding to amputate his leg, cleary is back doing what he loves with a prosthetic and some added support from the nonprofit Veteran MX Foundation.

“When we come together as a community, we get to sit around we get to tell our stories about, you know, our times in combat or overseas and where we served,” said Dru Bowman, Vet MX Foundation regional director.

Some veterans at Bar2Bar MX Park are hopping on a bike for the first time this weekend.

“A lot of the fears and unknown. It’s no different than getting deployed to a war zone. You have no idea what to expect,” said Preston Pelkey, Hutchinson Army veteran.

Regardless, they’re jumping into some throttle therapy.

“You get on a track, and you think about nothing but what’s in front of you. So any bad thoughts you have, any heartaches you might have, it’s all gone. It’s just you in the dirt,” Pelkey said.

“We’ve had doctors even say that it releases endorphins and other things in our body chemicals that we haven’t been able to release since combat zones,” explained Peter Linquist, board member of the Veteran MX Foundation.

The event allows members to create bonds on and off the track.

“Our mission is hoping to reduce that 22 (veteran suicides) a day because it’s too many, and every one of these service members I love from the bottom of my heart,” said Mark Coday, Veteran MX Foundation administrative director.

The Veteran MX Championship races begin Friday afternoon and run through Sunday.

“We highly encourage all the spectators that we can get out here. One is to show support for our military men and women and appreciation for the sacrifices they’ve done for us,” said Bruce Richardson, co-owner of Bar2Bar MX Park.

Tickets are $15 a day or $30 for the whole weekend.