WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — From coast to coast, One man is walking from California to Florida to raise awareness for mental health.

On Thursday, exactly one year to that day, Sylvester Williams said he got out of prison after serving a 10-year sentence. He said he is not letting a bad decision he made when he was young define him. He’s now taking his message of “mental health matters” everywhere he goes.

Step by step and dancing from coast to coast, Williams has a message to share.

“Once I got out of prison, I decided I have got to do something. I need to do something big because mental health we talk about it, but the actions are not done enough behind it,” said Williams.

Williams said it is his best friend’s death that inspired his journey, which started on May 1.

“She lost her life to depression. She lost that battle last year on February 16th,” said Williams.

Now, thousands of miles in, he said it’s OK to not be OK.

“So many people are afraid to talk about it, or they try to hold it in especially like with men they teach you to be tough just grow up and don’t say nothing about it,” said Williams.

Williams talks to people along the way. He said while he doesn’t know when he will be done walking, each step matters.

“Till I get to Jacksonville Florida. Like I said, Kansas, I think, is like my halfway point, so now I have the other half,” said Williams.

Williams said though Kansas has been really hot, he has been enjoying his time here. He will be spending a few days in the Wichita area before continuing his walk all the way to Florida.