It was a beautiful welcome home for a Wichita teen who spent over a year in a Kansas City hospital. 

Zei Uwadia, a North High School student, spent over 450 days in the hospital for a lung condition.

On Thursday, she was able to return home for the first time. 

Dozens of people from the North High School community gathered in front of her home. They yelled and waved brightly colored signs in her honor. 

It’s clear her family is happy to have her home again. 

“It’s a whole lot of happy and as you saw with her walking in we still have a whole lot of struggles,” said Brie Kerschen, Zei’s mother. “So there’s a little bit of sad but mostly happy and the happy outweighs the sad.”

Doctors still don’t know what caused Zei’s lung condition.

Friday is Zei’s 17th birthday.