WELLINGTON, Kan. (KSNW) — Students in Wellington are working to turn a recently vandalized building into a work of art. It was part of Wellington High School Service Day 2022.

Under the guidance of local artist Ursula Goff, students will begin the first stage of the mural project by paying homage to the Kansas state flower, with a Vincent Van Gogh style twist. The vibrant colors will then meld into a unique representation of one of his most recognized works, “The Starry Night.”

“The whole point of something like this is civic pride, and the more engagement you get from the community, the more effective that tends to be,” Goff said. “I want people to feel proud of it. If they are part of it, they feel more proud of it than they would have otherwise.”

Ursula Goff shows off an example of what the finished mural will look like. (KSN Photo)

The students were able to put down some of the base colors in about two hours.

“It needed it for sure. There has been a lot of graffiti on it. So it helps for the community and everything,” Sabastian Williams, Wellington sophomore, said.

The mural is located at 214 S. Washington and is across the street from Sumner County Economic Development.

The mural will span 22 feet in height and 126 feet in length.

“I could have this whole thing knocked out in a couple of weeks, or it could take the whole year. I really don’t know. Weather conditions will be a big consideration and how much help I get,” Goff added.