PARADISE, Kan. (KSNW) – In the wake of last week’s deadly wind storm and wildfires, recovery efforts are ramping up in western Kansas.

The wind spread wildfires across 163,000 acres in four different counties.

Two men died due to fire-related injuries. One happened in Ellis County and the other happened in Wichita County.

On Tuesday, KSN News traveled to Paradise to talk with a cattle rancher about the losses his family suffered.

“That morning was the worst day of my life,” said Quentin Maupin, a cattle rancher. “I’ve been working on our cow herd here ever since I was a little kid and when in an hour or two that was just erased.”

Maupin says he has lost more than 250 cattle to the fire and only a handful remains.

“Hopefully, those girls come around, and we don’t get pneumonia and stuff like that, because if we can keep these we can start rebuilding, and we could come back,” said Maupin.

Maupin’s parents also lost their home.

“All they had was the clothes on their back,” said Maupin. “They lost all of their belongings, and you know, my dad is 71 years old, and they lost all their family heirlooms.”

But throughout the loss, Maupin says he is thankful for those who have come out to help.

“We have had fires in our community and, you know, people need help,” said Gerry Campbell, who lives in Burrton.

“It’s an incredible feeling when you’re beat this far down that somebody would call you and say what kind of hay can I bring you,” said Maupin.

If you would like to donate any resources or time to people in Russell County Kansas, you can do so here.

A GoFundMe for the 5M Ranch has been set up, and you can donate by clicking here.