WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — For the first time since their heroic act was caught on camera, Wichita firefighters spoke with KSN News about their Labor Day fire rescue at an area apartment complex.

Fireman Brian Doffing says apartment fires like this don’t always end with the best results for victims, but being able to rescue everyone made this one of the types of calls is exactly what makes their job worth it.

“Not all of them can go great,” Doffing explained. “But every call giving everything you got and training every day, I think that’s what makes it different here.”

KSN sat down with Doffing to watch the video and get his perspective days after the daring rescue.

“In your mind, things are moving so quickly, and you look at the situation, and you see what you did, but when you watch the video, you go through and start thinking, why did you make those decisions? And then you can analyze it,” Doffing added.

Fireman Jared Case was responsible for being on the roof and providing ventilation to help crews safely rescue the people inside.

“There was about a 15-foot flame that flew up out of there, actually ended up burning one of our saws. We’ve never seen that happen before. From there, we were solid. It was a good knockdown on the fire. We got victims taken care of and everything.”

Capt. Stephen Runyan says calls like this are why WFD takes training so seriously.

“This was the perfect scenario where the culmination of training, experience, and just overall firemanship came together for a great result.”

The crews put out the fire without any fatalities, but four residents and two firefighters had to be treated for injuries from the blaze.