WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Some street lights in the Air Capital are shining bright purple color.

According to Andrew Baker, spokesperson for Evergy, this purple hue was unintentional.

“The lights are turning this color due to a subcomponent within the light fixture that’s prematurely failing,” said Baker. 

Baker said the purple light issue is mostly observed in the Wichita and Topeka areas.

Evergy is currently inspecting the street lights in those areas and working on a solution with their vendor. Baker said the data collected will be used to develop a replacement plan.

Danny Mason lives in Wichita’s Central Riverside neighborhood, and he has come across these lights frequently since they have been malfunctioning. 

“They mess with your eyes, and especially if you have moisture on your windows, they seem to reflect it, it’s really strange,” said Mason.

Mason said he hopes the issue will be resolved soon. Baker said Evergy expects their assessments to be done by March.