Note: This story was originally published on August 27, 2014.

TOPEKA, Kansas – Several people took photos of a naked man walking the streets of Topeka last week. Many asked why he wasn’t arrested. It turns out walking around naked in Kansas isn’t against the law.

Even Natasha Shamblin, a Topeka resident, was surprised.

“He was butt naked!”

She and others say they saw the man walking along Burlingame Road in Topeka.

“Yeah, the fact that kids could be outside playing, or in their classrooms, he walked past schools, past churches.”

Shawnee County Sheriff Herman Jones says according to state statute, it is legal to walk around naked.

“Unless someone is exposing themselves or a sexual organ to gratify or arouse someone other than themself, it’s really not anything against the law,” said Jones.

“I’m confused! I’m like really baffled about it. I don’t understand how is this okay?”

Several state legislators were contacted, and only one was vaguely familiar with the state statue.

“If they weren’t aware, you know there are so many laws, we know we have like 12 volumes, 20-some volumes of code, the criminal code is 21 dash whatever,” said Ramon Gonzales Jr., Kansas State House. “I think it should be reviewed, but you know if its freedom of expression, now you are getting into freedoms that we all share.”

“It’s really, really disturbing and makes me wonder how many people are going to catch wind of this and then think its okay to do that,” said Natasha.

Nudity and Public Decency Laws in America