WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Several customers with Best Value Services, LLC, say they’ve gone weeks without their trash being picked up.

KSN News spoke with several Best Value Service customers who say, at first, they wanted to give the company the benefit of the doubt due to the pandemic. However, with inconsistent service and consistent bills, several of those customers are demanding answers.

“I called everyone I can absolutely think of because this is ridiculous,” Wichita resident Beverly Billups said.

Billups has been a Best Value Services customer for seven years.

“About seven months back is when the trouble started,” Billups said.

Since then, Billups says she’s called the company each week to let them know her trash wasn’t picked up on time.

“Their truck passes by. Never stopped, never paused, just kept going,” Billups said.

Wichita resident Claude Smith III says his trash hasn’t been picked up in three weeks.

“I feel bad because I pay ’em $70 every three months,” Smith said. “They tell us that they don’t have any drivers, and as soon as they get drivers, they’ll be able to do it, and they slam they phone down.”

The problem is also being felt by Haysville customers.

“Every time you call, it’s a different story. We got people on vacation. Trucks broke down, always some excuse,” Haysville resident Brett Simons said.

Simons says he’s been dealing with late pickups for at least a year.

“The City took a vote on whether to keep their trash license here in Haysville, and they approved it — I don’t know how,” Simons said.

New mom Ashley Doyle says trash piling up throughout her neighborhood has become a common sight — her own trash, dirty diapers and all, has been piling up in her front yard for a month.

“We’ve had to put it in the garage,” Doyle said. “It’s unsanitary. It’s really disgusting.”

While some residents hope their respective cities will weigh in on the issue, some say they have no choice but to switch companies for now.

“Soon as they pick this up — get it out of my front yard,” Simons said when asked about when he would make a switch.

We reached out to both Best Value Services, LLC, and the City of Haysville. KSN News has yet to hear back from both parties.