WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The Wichita City Council approved a new housing incentive program that will alleviate the cost of fixing or building a home in certain areas within the city.

This two-year program will allow anyone living in the designated areas to get waivers or be reimbursed when fixing or building a new home.

“I do need work done on my house,” said Wichita homeowner Dawn Maloney.

Maloney has lived in her home for 54 years.

“My foundation is dropping like I said roofing, need like a paint job, and stuff like that, and I need a little work on the inside of my house,” said Maloney.

“Folks actually wind up sitting on potential repairs because of permit fees, because of the out-of-pocket cost before you even buy lumber or materials,” said Wichita Mayor Brandon Whipple.

With this new incentive program, Maloney could apply for a building permit to help offset the cost of projects such as getting a new roof.

“If I could get some help getting my house redid, I would gladly appreciate it,” said Maloney.

Anyone living or wanting to build in the designated areas can apply for up to $10,000 in building permits, depending on if it is a residential or commercial project.

People can also be reimbursed up to $5,000 in fees from Brooks C&D Landfill. This is only for lots with construction materials that need to be disposed of.

“We are hoping that this incentive will spark up some activity so that folks can just really bring their properties up to par,” said Mayor Whipple.

You can start applying for the program on Oct. 3, 2022.

To learn more about the housing incentive program, view the document below: