WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Wichita City Council members discussed marijuana penalties and fentanyl test strips on Tuesday before tabling the item to August 2. Council members decided it was best for staff to gather more information regarding marijuana penalties and fentanyl test strips.

Before the meeting Tuesday, KSN News talked to the mayor and council members about the importance of both to the public.

“We are seriously asking should we be spending a lot of resources prosecuting adults over the age of 21 for personally utilizing a THC substance,” said Mayor Brandon Whipple. “If grandma is utilizing a THC product that she picked up from, literally, any state that surrounds Kansas, do we really want our officers going over there, charging her and giving her a ticket and taking her to court? And then having that plea-bargained down to like ten bucks which in many cases it does.”

The council put marijuana decriminalization up for public ballot a few years ago, but the Kansas Attorney General’s Office rang in saying that Wichita, as a municipality, does not have the authority to decriminalize.

“So what we want to do now is look at resources and how we are using those,” said Whipple.

Some council members say another ordinance will be criminal penalties on fentanyl test strips. Those are illegal in Kansas. But the city can instruct police to look the other way.

“And I think we do need to take some aggressive action,” said council member Jeff Blubaugh. “I’m not the one to put the seal of approval on legalization. But at the same time, we are losing the war real quick with fentanyl, so we’ve got to take measures to save lives.”