WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — City crews continue to fix an odor problem that started about 12 days ago at Wastewater Plant 2 in south Wichita. The problem caused a sewage smell to waft across parts of town, especially on the south side.

At the time, the City of Wichita said residents would notice an unpleasant smell for about two weeks after a temporary processing issue at Plant 2. It also said initial findings suggested operator error. One week later, the City again mentioned a two-week timeline.

The City says the treatment process is now stabilized with all of the smelly biosolids removed from the treatment process.

The biosolids are still at the plant. Workers are trying to control the smell by increasing applications of chemical odor suppressants, especially as we get into warmer weather.

A spokesperson said crews will continue chemical applications during the loading and hauling process to minimize odors from being released.

The goal is to have the biosolids hauled away by early next week. They will be used for agricultural purposes, which is the routine process for disposal of the plant’s biosolids.

The wastewater treatment plant continues to be in compliance with all discharge requirements and is being closely monitored.

The spokesperson said there is no danger to the community, and the city does not expect any permit violations.