WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Faith, humor, and communication. Those are the secrets one Wichita couple says are key to a long marriage.

Darrell Plinsky, 98, and Wanda Plinsky, 92, celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary on Wednesday, June 29.

The pair met when Wanda was a baby. Their parents lived just a few miles away from each other in a farming community just west of Salina. Their love grew as they wrote to each other every day during World War II when Darrell was in service.

“All the guys in the service would be writing their girlfriend or wife or someone, and it was always good to have words,” Darrell said.

All these years later, the two joke about their time together.

“Years ago, I told Darrell, ‘I would divorce you, but I have decided to just stay with you and torture you the rest of your life,’ and he said I was doing a good job,” laughed Wanda. “He’s a must in my life.”

Time sure flies when you’ve been married for 75 years.

“It goes very fast,” said Wanda. “We need each other more now than we did when we were young, and really, time is so precious, but we thank the lord that he brought us together, and he has seen us through all these years.”

As for celebrating their anniversary, they went to the doctor’s office on Wednesday and plan on having a party with family this weekend.