Watch out for those flooded areas.

“Safety is always first,” says Reuben Terrell, from the City of Wichita storm water team .

That is the key on the job and Terrell’s message to drivers on the road.

“Try to keep down the accidents and everything from the water,” he says.

On days like Tuesday, Terrell will go from working an eight hour shift to a 16 hour shift, clearing out drains to make sure city roads are free of water.

“We usually don’t try to leave until the water is down.”

Not only is it city streets but during the year, city crews clean lift stations which separates trash and water.

“We try to make sure all the water is down and that water is flowing,” says Terrell.

Some of the lift stations are downtown and others are off of Kellogg Avenue.

“We try to keep Kellogg flowing like on I-135. We keep those cleaned out so the water can come off the under passes,” Terrell adds.

But especially on days after the holidays, men and women like Terrell say you can help yourself out by just taking your time.

“I would advise that they drive slowly and safely,” he says. “I would probably leave a little bit earlier so you can get where you are going on time.”

You can report flooded spots by clicking on this link.