WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Saturday, Dec. 28, 2017, marks the anniversary of a dispute over an online video game that led to Wichita police shooting and killing an innocent father, Andrew Finch.

“Every day it feels like it really just did happen yesterday,” said Dominica Finch, Andrew’s sister.

One of those gamers got another man to “swat” the other. Police showed up to the house near Seneca and McCormick not knowing it was a prank call until after Finch was shot on his own front porch.

“I’m still tryna make sense of it. I have questions. I wanna know when my questions are gonna get answered,” said Lisa Finch, Andrew’s mother.

Community members gathered around Saturday night for a candlelight vigil and moment of silence at the spot where Finch lost his life two years ago.

“I think what was most devastating about this is it could happen to anybody. This wasn’t a crime related shooting. This wasn’t anything where anybody was doing anything wrong,” said vigil attendee Elle Botman.

A number of people took the time to speak at the vigil including Wichita mayor-elect Brandon Whipple.

“I wanted to come out here with the other folks gathered to show our support as a community,” said Whipple.

Andrew Finch’s sister Dominica says the family is still struggling with understanding what happened that day.

“It’s seriously just a horrible horrible thing to do. The consequences of whether it’s a life or the fear you put in someone. It’s just a horrible thing to do to someone,” she said.

His mother, Lisa Finch, says her mission now is to get justice for her son. “

Determination has not wavered and seeking answers to my questions and seeking justice. I’ve had faith from day one that justice will be served,” said Finch.

She says the main thing helping the family get past this is faith and the support from community members across Wichita and the world.