WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Kansas gas prices are up again. The state average is now more than $3 per gallon. It’s the highest number since 2014.

The increase is coming after gas and oil production has cut down significantly over the last year.

The higher than usual prices are leaving some organizations worrying about their budgets.

“They’re gas guzzlers when you’re talking about buses that may get six to 10 miles per gallon,” said Kevin Fish, executive director of Ability Point.

Nonprofit Ability Point uses those buses to give opportunities for many with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“We’re trying to get our people connected with the community and out and about for a lot of different activities. So transportation cost is one of the biggest costs,” Fish explained. “We never want to do is pass that cost on to families if there’s any way we can absorb that, but for a nonprofit, that’s really difficult.”

Gas prices are rising across the country as production has slowed down globally. However, economic expert Jeremy Hill says Kansas especially sees the increase.

“We had even faster high prices. Our prices went up even more because we have even more supply constraints here in the midwest and Oklahoma not producing,” said Jeremy Hill, WSU Center of Economic Development Director.

Hill believes prices have not reached their peak yet. While no one is excited about higher prices, Hill said some could afford the extra cost.

“Wages on average have gone up really fast over this last year. It’s the highest we’ve had for more than a decade, and so that means you still have more money to pay for it,” Hill said. “It’s a shocker, a sticker shocker, but you actually have more in your pocket to pay for it.”