Wichita man devastated over graffiti tags in Riverside


William Cooper who lives in North Riverside discovered Wednesday evening the fence behind his Riverside home was vandalized with graffiti.  

“I was upset, devastated.” said Cooper.  “When you see stuff like this, you think of inner city, projects and stuff and this isn’t that.”  

Cooper rarely comes to the back of his home that faces the alley. He found out about the tags thanks to a neighbor.  

“I’m just blessed to have good neighbors,” said Cooper. “They’re always on the lookout.”   

And as Cooper came out to inspect the damage to his own fence, he quickly learned he was not the only victim.  

“Some houses behind me, garage and everything was tagged up, and it’s all over the neighborhood actually,” said Cooper. “So, someone’s been busy.”   

Cooper posted pictures of the vandalism on the North Riverside Facebook page. One person commented ‘It’s been happening for years.’ Someone else mentioned ‘They’ve had their car tagged before.   

“First, I thought it was just only me, but I learned that it’s everybody,” said Cooper.  

Cooper says he plans to use his art skills to cover up the markings.   

“Paint something meaningful, a couple murals, and hopefully, it will be something everyone in the neighborhood appreciates,” said Cooper. “If they want to reach out to me, I’ll help them with theirs too.”  

Turning a negative into a positive.  

“And just pray it doesn’t happen again,” said Cooper.   

According to Wichita police, they are aware of the vandalism in the area and are investigating. They do not believe it is gang related.  

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