WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — After footage from a body camera detailing an interaction between Wichita Mayor Brandon Whipple and a Wichita police officer was released, the mayor has released a statement on his Facebook page.

“Hey y’all, I want to thank folks for reaching out to gain some context about the media coverage of an interaction I had with an officer at a neighborhood cleanup,” the post reads.

“First: I’m embarrassed by this video. I look rough. At the point when the officer finally turned on his body cam, my words were sloppy when I was reporting the misconduct I’d experienced to the City Manager. I was pretty shaken and felt uneasy for having been screamed at in that way.

“I know how the line ‘he doesn’t know who I am’ comes off. As I was talking to the City Manager, I wanted to make it clear that I did not present myself as the Mayor to the officer. I wanted to make clear I was not playing that card, and folks who know me know I would never throw a title around or seek special privilege.

“However, I totally see how it’s easy to flip it another way. In the end, I’ll own it, as perception is reality. If I lost your trust, I hope to earn it back.

“Thanks again to the folks who took time to get clarification of what happened. I appreciate it & frankly, I am grateful for this entire experience. It’s taught me first-hand the feeling so many people have shared about their interactions with certain officers in the Wichita Police Department. I want to be clear, I support the Wichita Police Department and believe we are working to create the best department in the country. We are already examining and improving our policies and practices at the city and within the WPD. I’m now even more dedicated to that effort.

“Wichita deserves the best when it comes to public safety, and we’ll get it. I also need to be better as Mayor and as a neighbor, and I’m committed to that goal.”

Whipple is calling for a review of the city’s body camera policies after he says the officer’s body camera failed to document the officer yelling at him.

Whipple says he thought the entire interaction would be caught on the body camera video. When he requested to see the video, he said he was “shocked” to learn the entire incident wasn’t recorded.

The Wichita Police Department said in a statement after reviewing the footage, they believe the officer acted within policy and would not be opening an internal investigation.

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