Wichita mom out cash, place for son's birthday after Dart Warz seized

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) - A Wichita mom is out more than $100 and a place to host her son's birthday party after a business suddenly shut its doors.

Antriana Guinn said she booked her son Mason's party at Dart Warz on September 14. That's when she put down a deposit for $107.50, according to receipt records.

"Mason goes to Dart Warz a lot with this dad, so he talks about it every time he comes home, so we booked it at Dart Warz," Guinn said. "The package was for 12 kids."

The party was scheduled to take place from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, October 13, two day's after Mason's fifth birthday.

"He was looking forward to Dart Warz," Guinn said. 

Dart Warz calls itself a premier indoor foam dart battlefield. The company's website says it offers the coolest alternative to paintball or airsoft for the whole family.

However, Guinn said her family will never know. That after Wichita's Dart Warz location closed its doors indefinitely last week.

KSN went to Dart Warz on Wednesday. Seized signs for nonpayment of taxes were posted around the property.

"At first, I didn't believe it. Someone had called me and then I seen on the actual news site and I was like. 'Oh, this is real.' I don't know why they didn't say anything to me," Guinn explained.

Guinn said once she found out about the seizure, she immediately called and emailed Dart Warz.

She said a person claiming to be with Dart Warz left her a voicemail on September 29. 

The voicemail said in part: "We were hoping that a couple people that were interested in purchasing the Dart Warz location there that things were going to work out and we were going to get the doors reopened.  At this time, it still seems like everything is at a standstill, so I am calling now the October parties to cancel."

The person in the voicemail then went onto apologize for the inconvenience the closure may have caused, adding it was 'totally unexpected.'

"As far as refunds go, at this point, the only thing I know is I am going to try to contact our party center division to see if we can get those refunded straight through the system or if we are going to need to mail out checks," said the woman in the voicemail.

Guinn said she's frustrated it took her reaching out to Dart Warz for them to give her any information.

"They should just be honest with people and start sending our refunds back ASAP because we still have to pay for birthday parties," Guinn said. 

While she's disappointed, Guinn said she won't let this situation ruin her son's birthday.

"He's going to still have a good birthday and I just do the best that I can to make him happy," she said.

Guinn said she was able to book a party at a similar place in Wichita. 

KSN reached out to Dart Warz by phone and by email. KSN has not heard back from Dart Warz.

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