WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The Wichita Police Department’s (WPD) chief says he is reviewing the department’s body camera policy, among others, following an altercation that occurred on New Year’s Eve.

Cell phone video circulating on social media shows officers wrestling with a 15-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy, punches being thrown, and ends with an officer spraying pepper spray at the boy’s face.

KSN has requested police body cam footage from that night. Wichita Police Chief Joseph Sullivan says there is some video, but that recording did not start until after the fight.

Sullivan told KSN that while these officers were off-duty, a better term for them is “secondary assignment” because they are still fully commissioned law enforcement with police power.

However, he says the current WPD policy does not require off-duty officers to wear body cams.

Wichita police say this all happened at Roller City after the 15-year-old girl became disruptive there and was asked to leave the event. Management then asked their off-duty officers working at the rink to escort her out of the building.

Officers say she swung at them but missed, and then the 16-year-old boy also swung at officers.

The video continues to show the officers wrestling with the teens, punches being thrown, and ends with an officer spraying something at the boy’s face.

In the end, the two teens were taken to the Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center (JIAC).

Chief Sullivan says the officer seen hitting the boy in the video was not wearing a body cam.

According to WPD policy, off-duty officers are encouraged to wear them. Chief Sullivan says that ideally, all officers on and off duty would wear them.

“I have the command staff currently preparing a proposal that I could present to the city manager and the city council as to what it would take to correct that problem,” said Sullivan.

But it would not be cheap.

“That becomes a big challenge in budget when you’re talking about data storage and playback. It’s more than just the City of Wichita costs. We have to factor how that’s going to affect other agencies and jurisdictions,” said Bryan Frye, City Council Member, District 5.

The other off-duty officer didn’t record until after the altercation ended. That is also being investigated.

Councilman Frye says the council could play a role in the policy change.

“I’m sure there will be some recommendations. There needs to be. We can’t have questions like this in the community without providing some kind of answers. So yeah, I’m sure there will be something, but we have to wait and see what those are going to be,” said Frye.

As for the officers who responded to the scene, there is body cam footage from them. Whether that is released depends on District Attorney Marc Bennett.

“Once he makes a decision, I can discuss that with him,” said Sullivan.

As for the officer involved in the fight, he is on desk duty for the time being.

Sullivan says that if you have any recorded evidence, it is crucial that you give it to the police so that they can properly investigate.