WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Wichita Public Schools is still ironing out how it will move forward in the fall, the uncertainty has one mom concerned for her son.

Melisa Lambert’s 4-year-old son who has special needs is weeks away from starting kindergarten in Wichita Public Schools. He requires an Individualized Educational Plan but she is concerned about how that will be provided this year.

“You hear all the time of them [Wichita Public Schools] talking that they’re making a plan for what’s best for the kids, but I haven’t heard anything specific for special needs or kids on the IEP program,” said Lambert. “Having somebody that is trained to help focus him and recognize those signals of when he needs to take a sensory break or when he is about to go into a melt down is what keeps him going and keeps him on track to learn,”

Without the IEP in place, she worries it will set him back academically.

“I feel and my fear is that he is going to get lost in the education system and not reach his full potential.”

We reached out to the School Board President for Wichita Public Schools for some answers. President Sheril Logan tells KSN no matter what educational option – in person, online, or virtual self-paced learning, the district will still provide the extra support these students need.  Once parents select which learning model is best for their child, Logan said they should contact their child’s school.

“And once our teachers get back on August the 5th, they will meet with their IEP team to make sure that we can match their IEP’s for them,” said Logan.

If it’s no longer safe for the in-person option and the district has to move to online-only, Logan said the same thing applies.

 “We will work through the child’s study team, we’ll figure out how do we meet the student’s needs and go from there,” said Logan.

Logan said it’s important parents go ahead and enroll their child into one of the options so the district will be able to plan how many teachers are needed for each learning model.