WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Riverfest 2023 is still more than four months away, but one of the first events has already happened — the choosing of the artwork that will grace admission buttons and posters.

Monday morning, Wichita Festivals Inc. unveiled the winning poster designed by Adam Anderson of Gardner Design. The poster features a lot of blue, red and gold tones. The images are of sunshine, fireworks, Admiral Windwagon Smith, runners and water events.

“We wanted something that was very fun and bright but illustrated the individual elements that flow together and connect,” Anderson said. “It’s the idea of how Riverfest is not just one thing but all of these activities and the Wichita community that comes together to make it flow. The sun is hugging everything and pulling everyone in through the various activities that bring us all together at the festival.”

“That is something we wanted to signify, this idea of being welcoming, inviting, and Riverfest is just so wonderful with people from all kinds of backgrounds and all kinds of things kind of coming together,” he said.

Anderson said the artwork was a team effort at Gardner Design.

“A lot of times, we’ll start with just conceptual thinking, so like brainstorming. From there, a lot of it’s just sketches and then scanning and starting to play with colors and different things,” Anderson said.

He said it probably took the team about 30 hours over several weeks to develop the winning design.

Emprise Bank has sponsored the Riverfest’s Poster and Artwork Contest for 20 years. It awarded Anderson $4,000.

“The poster art and artwork captures the milestone of 50 years of Riverfest while including the excitement for what the future holds for the festival,” Nancy Duling, Wichita Festivals president and CEO, said.

Riverfest 2023 is June 2-10. Duling announced the dates for some of the favorite Riverfest events:

  • Sundown Parade – June 2
  • Fireworks – June 2 and 10
  • River Run – June 3 (Online registration has already started)
  • Ice Cream Social – June 7
  • Classic Car Show – June 10

She said they would announce the Riverfest concert lineup on April 13.

A Riverfest button allows admission for all nine days of the festival. Adult buttons for ages 11 and up are available at the early-bird price of $10 when purchased online starting April 17-May 7.

Starting Monday, May 8, buttons will be available at area QuikTrip locations: $15 for adults and $5 for children. Kids five years old and younger get in free.