WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Thousands of Kansans remain out of work as the pandemic continues.

“We saw not only millions of people lost their job but had to re-skill and learn how to pivot,” Deborah Gladney said.

This moment is when Gladney and her sister, Angela Muhwezi-Hall, decided to take action.

“Deborah gave me a call one day at 4 a.m. saying now is the time,” Muhwezi-Hall said.

Together, the Wichita sister duo launched QuickHire, an app specifically designed to help people in the skilled labor and service industry find jobs.

“When it comes to white-collar jobs, there is so many platforms out there where you can quickly find a job, but when it comes to this arena, there’s not much out there,” Muhwezi-Hall said.

Gladney says their app’s purpose is to help make the job hunt easier than ever.

“No more scrolling, no more trying to shift through paper applications, you just swipe to apply.”

On top of connecting employers with people seeking jobs, they hope the platform brings more dignity and value to the service and skilled labor field.

“We found a study that said nine out of 10 families realize how critical these types of jobs were to our economy. However, only three out of 10 parents would want their kids to actually go into this field,” Gladney said.

“When COVID hit and our economy came to a screeching halt, it was these types of jobs that kept our economy running and thriving,” she added in.

QuickHire is still in its first month. The co-founders say they have more than a thousand users so far. They are hoping to expand their services and offer career development down the road.