WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – One Wichita grandmother, Deanna “Dee” Martinez, is in need of a life-saving donation.

“I would have more time with my family. And that means so much to me,” said Martinez.

Since she was a kid, Martinez has battled health issues. As a child, she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

“I was doing like four or five shots a day,” said Martinez.

In 2015, she got a bad infection.

“I had to have my left kidney taken out. And it was so bad that I had to have my part of my lung taken out with it,” said Martinez.

A year later, she had a stroke, which left her in a coma for a week and a half. Shortly after, she was put on dialysis.

“When they say end-stage renal failure, that’s not a positive diagnosis,” said Judi Jones, Martinez’ wife.

Courtesy: Deanna Martinez

Martinez needs a kidney-pancreas transplant. After 7 years, she has finally been approved for the transplant list.

“I just got married, and I want more time with my wife, and I want more energy,” said Martinez.

Martinez is a mother of two daughters, one step-daughter, and the grandmother of three grandchildren.

Courtesy: Deanna Martinez

“She has the biggest, kindest heart of anybody I’ve ever known. And she’s always smiling, always happy no matter how horrible she feels that day. So for her inside to actually match the smiles on her face. Means the world to me and that she can see her grandkids grow,” said Jones.

The call can come at any moment. Martinez and her wife need to be ready to go and stay in Kansas City for two months.

“We have to stay up there in order to be on the transplant list. We can’t come back to Wichita. We have to stay there because she has daily appointments starting out after her transplant, and we have to actually be released to leave the city, so to speak,” said Jones.

Along with that, a list of expenses.

“I’m self-employed. So I’m a therapist, and if I’m not seeing my clients, I’m not making money,” said Jones.

Family, friends, and strangers are already stepping up to help.

“It’s very touching. Makes me realize how much love there is in the world right now. Which is something that’s really hard to see sometimes,” said Jones.

“It means everything. It just … it fills my heart,” said Marinez.

Here’s how you could potentially help her and thousands of others waiting on a donor: