WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Tired of gas prices?

“A lot of people say they’re going to use their new bicycle to head to work,” said Michael Scanga with Bicycle X-Change of Delano. “Most trips that are taken home to work are under eight miles.”

Scanga says he’s seen a lot of his bicycles rolling out the door because of gas price hikes.

“We sold quite a few over this last weekend,” said Scanga. “They’re coming in and buying bikes. Especially when that last 29 cents hit the fan. A lot of people sitting on the fence jumped over and said, oh boy, I’m going to buy the bike now.”

Scanga has seen supply as a challenge over the last couple of years because of COVID-related supply issues.

But his store is now filled from wall to wall.

“While the getting was good, we got bikes,” said Scanga. “So what you see is a labor of love here.”

Scanga is not alone in hearing that consumers are looking for a way to stop some of the pain at the pump.

AAA of Kansas is in the middle of a new survey on consumer habits in the wake of record gas hikes.

“You know families are starting to think about these prices and changing behaviors whether it’s you know daily driving or summer road trip,” said Shawn Steward with AAA of Kansas. “We anticipate gas prices being what they are now. They’re probably to that threshold.”

Another big seller right now for Scanga is a bicycle with a battery assist.

“It’s power for your bike,” said Scanga. “You still have to pedal, but the battery assist will assist you for 25 miles or way more depending on your use.”

Scanga said the battery power on the bicycle takes a couple of hours to charge to run again, but the range has increased on the batteries.

“And people just love it. They are not buying gas,” said Scanga.