WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – As we creep closer to Halloween, home decorations are starting to pop up, especially in Wichita’s College Hill.

One home near Douglas and Hillside has a creepy carnival theme with moving clowns manning the booths. The ringmaster behind it all says he is still working on some of it.

“We’ve got quite a few animatronic clowns that come out and some other details that go in the booths, things that won’t weather being out here for the whole month, but they’ll come out on Halloween, so it’ll be a lot more going on a lot of sounds and lot of motion. Just a lot of fun,” Chris Ashley, behind the carnival.

Ashley says the whole family helps put the display together, which gets bigger every year.

Another home in the area may be the creepiest. The home located near Douglas and Broadview in Wichita is jammed full of dolls. Catherine Heidle is in charge of making it happen.

“I found most of these dolls at estate sales, and a lot of people have left them in our front yard, with little notes saying can we live here,” Heidl said.

That’s not the only well-decorated house. One at 13th and Garland has animatronic skeletons and witches of all sizes, even one from the “Wizard of Oz.”