WICHITA, Kan (KSNW) – One local non-profit continued their tradition of helping those in need this Christmas Eve.

While many people were busy around town getting ready for Christmas Day, several volunteers spent the day at the Lord’s Diner bringing more than just a hot meal to those in need.

A lot of food was dished out at the Lord’s dinner on Christmas Eve.

“There is a lot of incredible people that come walkthrough here, both volunteers and people who eat here. So, I just think all the conversations that you have and the friendships that you form are a blessing,” said Brian Bergkamp, who volunteered at The Lord’s Diner on Christmas Eve.

More than a dozen volunteers came out to feed a packed parking lot.

“Christmas is full of emotion for everybody. Of course, there is joy and excitement, and on the other side, there is loneliness and grief. But, at the Lord’s Diner, it is full of love and gratitude,” said Beth Barron, the pantry coordinator for The Lord’s Diner.

“Just looking probably for a little companionship or just a good meal with a good group of people,” said Bergkamp.

Along with a hot meal, guests on this holiday night also received gloves, socks, and other things to stay warm this winter.

“I’m lucky to have most of my family as the rest of the volunteers tonight so it is a pretty wonderful way to spend the holiday,” said Barron.

For now, The Lord’s Diner is still handing out food in a to-go fashion because of COVID, but the hope is that next year everyone will be able to sit down together again.