WINFIELD, Kan. (KSNW) – If you’ve ever taken an ambulance, you know the bill can be expensive. For one EMS service in Winfield, it may cost your insurance a little bit more to ride.

Recently, the Winfield City Commission recently voted to increase EMS fees.

According to Winfield EMS Coordinator Brad Klein, the rates for their services have remained the same since 2014 when the City took over EMS rates. He says there was some concern from residents about this increase in fees, but he says they may not see it as it will go through insurance first.

“With those increases in [the] cost of fees, we hope we can generate a revenue off of the insurances, which EMS is not fully paid or funded by taxpayers. We can generate some revenue from reimbursement from those insurances,” Klein said.

Due to increasing vendor costs and rising gas prices, four flat-rate EMS fees are raised, as well as the milage rate, which increased from $18 to $22 per loaded mile. They also added a new “treat no transport” fee for patients who are just treated in the ambulance, which is $100.

The four flat-rate fees:

  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) Emergent: $925
  • ALS Non-emergent: $850
  • basic Life Support (BLS) Emergent: $825
  • BLS Non-emergent: $775

“It’s unfortunate we have to increase and do that, but it’s something that I think will benefit the patients in the long run by more training, more better equipment, and everything that we can take care of them,” said Klein.

These rate increases will begin on July 1.