WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Just before 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, a fire ignited at the Coleman plant in northeast Wichita. It sent flames and smoke into the air, along with exploding propane bottles.

Tammy Snow, the chief of the Wichita Fire Department, says that the strong wind helped in the fight.

“Because it was out of the north, if it would have been out of the south blowing, all of these propane bottles would have blown right back into the building, and then we’d have significant issues. But, since the wind was out of the north it blew them across the parking lot into an open field, and we were able to mitigate the grass fires,” said Snow.

Many people witnessed the fire, including one woman who had just dropped her daughter off at a dance class near the facility and was picking up her husband across the street from Coleman.

Rebecca Pent told KSN that the flames were at least 20 feet high at times, and she even witnessed the flames engulfing a semitruck. Pent says that she is amazed and thankful that no one was seriously hurt.

“You could still hear the popping sounds from at least a mile away,” said Pent.

Pent was picking up her husband Wednesday afternoon at Mill Creek Lumber and Supply, directly across from the Coleman building.

“When I pulled up, I just saw everybody outside with their camera phones, and they were all pointed at the Coleman Factory, and I turn, and I look, and there’s this huge fire,” said Pent.

That’s when Pent took out her phone and started recording.

“Smoke coming everywhere, popping sounds, things flying in the air, and you know, we’re just like, ‘Oh my goodness, I hope nobody got hurt,'” said Pent.

Moments before, Pent dropped her daughter off at dance class across the street.

“My first thought after is, I hope nobody, somebody, nobody got hurt was that, man, I hope that fire doesn’t go over to the Midwest, Midwest Dance Mechanix building because my daughter’s in there,” said Pent.

Twenty employees were evacuated from the building, and EMS looked at only one employee. No one was seriously injured.

“We just are glad that everybody’s okay and that the fire got contained and that the fire department was able to come and take care of everything quickly,” said Pent.

KSN tried to interview a few who were on the scene; however, a spokesperson for the company referred us to their corporate office.