WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — After Thursday night’s concert at Club Rodeo, one woman is sharing her experience.

Police confirmed there was a fight inside the venue before a man went outside and got into his car, and drove into about a dozen cars. Three people were hit, but no one was critically hurt.

Michelle Gott had a front-row seat at the concert. She walked out of the club on a high from the show, and even though she didn’t see the altercation, she was blinded by the lights and saw her damaged car shortly after.

“That $20 ticket’s gonna cost me $1,000’s more,” Gott said.

Gott said the evening was perfect until chaos broke out.

“It was like a lit-up runway,” Gott said. “There were cop cars everywhere, and you saw fire trucks. There were multiple fire trucks up there.”

She describes the damage to her car and others as “shocking.”

“The driver literally shoved us like out of the yellow lines,” Gott said. “We were parked correctly, and he like completely shoved us.)

Her trip for a night out left her with what she thinks could be a totaled car.

“How am I gonna get home?” Gott questioned. “I live an hour away. My daughter’s in Arkansas.”

Gott is glad she wasn’t in her vehicle at the time, and she’s grateful no one lost their life.

“I actually have Chiari malformation type 1,” Gott said, “and so the impact of me being in that vehicle would have caused some significant life issues for me. You can replace material things, but you can’t replace people.”

After her experience, this avid concert-goer still plans to enjoy one of her favorite hobbies.

“That’s what I love to do is live music,” Gott said. “I have four concerts lined up right now that I got tickets for. I’m still gonna go. I’m still gonna park my car. I’m still gonna enjoy concerts.”

Gott describes the night as “surreal,” but she’s glad she went and grateful no one was seriously hurt. She said she’s now hoping for the best with finding a new car.