WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — In most cases, once a scammer has gotten a hold of your money, it is gone.

However, a Wichita police officer was able to intervene at just the right time to recover $5,000 for one local victim. Police say Detective Shawn Thomison in the Financial Crimes Section was investigating the case of a phishing email scam.

The woman had clicked a link in her email that allowed scammers access to a bank account. It was drained of over $5,000. Detective Thomison was able to stop the transfer of the money to the scammer and retrieve it for the victim.

The victim happened to be at Property and Evidence to pick up a check returning her funds to her at the same time Detective Thomison, who was there for a separate case, was there. It gave the two a chance to meet in person and for her to thank him personally.

For tips on avoiding scams, visit The Internet Crime Complaint Center.