WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Officer Nate Schwiethale goes around Wichita daily checking on the homeless.

“Hey it’s Officer Nate with the homeless outreach team,” said officer Schwiethale as he walks up to a homeless camp along the Arkansas River.

It’s something he and the four other HOT team members do daily. But on a day like Thursday when a cold snap came across Wichita, he’s making sure to let those who sleep outside know where they can soon go to escape the cold once it’s here to stay.

“A lot of the homeless don’t know about the winter shelters that are getting ready to open up here. We’re spending a lot of our time focusing on our outreach and just getting that word and that message out,” officer Schwiethale said.

Schwiethale says the traditional shelters are full but the winter shelters will open on November 1st for the season.

“We do have HumanKind Ministries which is opening up a winter shelter for men and females so that’s going to help out a lot,” said Schwiethale

HumanKind Ministries is formerly Interfaith Ministries. Their men’s and women’s emergency winter shelter is located at 841 N. Market and 848 N. Market respectively.

Even if there is no one inside the tents when he makes his rounds, Officer Schwiethale leaves a HOT Team brochure that’s full of contact numbers for shelters and many other resources like food, jobs, and medical care.

We’ll continue to do outreach just to make sure to make that contact with them to get them the resources they need and really get them a game plan to get into a shelter and overcome any barriers that they have,” said Officer Schwiethale.

If you would like to donate blankets and warm clothing, the HOT Team says to contact The United Methodist Open Door at 316.265.9371 or HumanKind Ministries at 316-264-9303.

To download the HOT Team’s brochure click here.