WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Wichita State Students are working to help workforce training centers to best serve their communities.

WSU’s Public Policy and Management Center has students act as secret shoppers to help improve training at workforce centers.

Students create a mock scenario about why they are using the workforce center, make an appointment, and use the service.

They then fill out a survey sharing how the training center did and what they can improve on.

“They are providing a really important and vital service to their communities. And to have people who are similar to the people that they serve and who are looking for specific things that they know would be helpful to those people especially since we try to include people from all kinds of demographics I think it is important to have that feedback,” said WSU Master’s Student, Elizabeth Ewers.

There have been multiple projects around Kansas and some in Nebraska.

And so far they said it has helped the training center pinpoint certain issues.

“We were able to say hey here is an area where you can improve these are things from environmental like maybe how they access the bathrooms or how comfortable they feel telling their story the amount of privacy they get,” said WSU Public Policy and Management Center Research and Program Evaluation Manager, Dulcinea Rakestraw.

This past summer they received a $7,000 grant to help continue the program.