WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – People across the nation are honoring former Senator Bob Dole.

Dole died Sunday at the age of 98.

“Yes, I’ve got some memories,” said Kansan Don Herold as he laughed.

For World War II veteran Don Herold, he remembers his childhood friend as a witty storyteller and person who drank more milkshakes than anyone else.

His memories of Dole date back decades and started in Lawrence, Kansas.

“I enrolled in Kansas University. That’s where I met Bob Dole. We were pledges for Kappa Sigma Fraternity,” Herold remembered.

When pledging the two used to wait tables together at night to help pay for their fraternity housing.

“We got along good, I liked Bob. Bob was a good guy, he was a very pleasant, young fella, very popular. Everyone liked Bob. He was witty, he wasn’t a bragger or anything. He was a good guy,” Herold said.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor in December of 1941, Herold, Dole and some of their other friends went to Kansas City to enlist and become pilots.

“Bob Dole and I were the only two that didn’t pass. We were both colorblind and you couldn’t be color blind and go in the Air Force,” he said.

Their time to serve by joining the Army would come. The two kept in touch through the war but eventually lost contact.

Herold remembers voting for his friend Dole multiple times.

“At least we know he’s honest. He was an honest politician, as honest as it can be,” Herold said his friends used to say.

Herold is still thankful for their memories.

“I’m glad I knew Bob. He’s a historic figure now and he was a good guy. Nobody will ever change my mind on that,” he said.