MAIZE, Kan. (KSNW) – Maize residents overwhelmingly passed two bond issues to make improvements within the district. 

Proposition number one included two new intermediate schools for fifth and sixth graders, improved safety and security throughout the district and upgrades to both high schools.

The proposition passed by a vote of 2,549 to 437.

The second proposition will allow the district to build an indoor pool and auditorium, upgrade playgrounds and add a STEM lab at the elementary schools.

Proposition number two passed by a vote of 2,292 to 684.

The Maize superintendent said the more than $100 million bond project will not impact the local tax levy.

“Our tax levy right now is pretty consistent over the last several years. Actually, we’ve lowered it, our taxes, just a little bit over the last three years. Right now, our budget for next year keeps a flat tax levy as well,” said Maize Superintendent Chad Higgins.