MCPHERSON, Kan. (KSNW) — The McPherson College Auto Restoration Program was given a 1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona, a two-seat grand tourer, valued at over $600,000, on Friday afternoon.

The car, which celebrated its 50th anniversary on May 6, was donated by Dr. Richard Lundquist, LHD, a real estate developer and philanthropist in Southern California and longtime supporter of the college’s auto restoration program.

“I’m pleased to hand over the keys to one of my most prized possessions to the wonderful students and faculty at McPherson College,” said Lundquist. “It’s my hope that the car provides enhanced learning opportunities and can be restored by the students and eventually compete in prestigious events.

Lundquist’s Ferrari was one of the last models designed by Enzo Ferrari before Fiat bought a majority of the company in 1969 and the first Ferrari the college has ever received.

“This car is old-school. It’s largely handmade at a time when this just wasn’t done, and with its engine in the front, the 365 GTB/4 ran counter to the latest trend of putting the engine behind the driver,” Ed Barr, professor of technology at McPherson College, said. “Enzo Ferrari’s willingness to disregard the latest fad and embrace craftsmanship in pursuit of excellence are sentiments our students will appreciate. The hands-on study of this car will allow our students to retrace the steps and learn the methods of the craftspeople who built it the first time.”

After the unveiling, students were able to examine the car and talk to Lundquist about its history and journey to the college.

“It gave me a broad smile to see the students engaging with the car up close in a way that could never happen if it was cordoned off in a museum,” said Lundquist.

McPherson College is the only college in the United States that offers a four-year auto restoration degree program, operating for the last 46 years. Students study and work in historic cars, learning how to properly work on and restore cars that carry a deep history. Graduates go on to secure positions with some of the top car collectors, museums, and restoration companies in the world.

“The magnitude of this gift is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for not only our automotive restoration students but the entire McPherson community,” said McPherson College President Michael Schneider. “This is one of the most impactful educational tools and gifts that McPherson College has ever received. We cannot thank Richard enough for this gift and his continued friendship and support of the college.”

To watch videos of the unveiling, click here.