WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW)– Friday, January 21 Wichita city leaders gathered at the Evergreen Recreation Center in hopes of finding new solutions to improve communication between the Hispanic-Latino community and the Wichita Police Department.

The community form lasted around an hour and during that time city council members, the Wichita Mayor, and WPD sat down with the public to hear how they can better serve the Hispanic community.
One issue that was brought to the table was the “lack of communication” between the Spanish-speaking community and WPD.  

Residences said they sometimes feel they could express themselves more freely if there was someone who spoke their language. They also talked about their concerns with the increase in domestic violence cases within the city, and the lack of help for those with mental health issues.

“I think the conversation was rich today just because like I said we addressed several issues that our families and our children are facing every day,” said Yenni Telles, Sunflower Community Action Deputy Director.

From here on these community forums will be held every month at the Evergreen Recreation Center.
Telles hopes as the months go on, they will get more and more folks to join in on the conversations.