WICHITA, Kansas – The loud boom heard throughout South Wichita on Saturday still hasn’t been explained, but one Wichitan may have caught it all on camera.

Ken Swarm has several security cameras set up on his Southwest Wichita home. Around 1:00 pm his camera picks up an abrupt ‘pop’.

“It’s the only audible sound for thirty minutes that I could hear during that time frame,” Swarm said.

Swarm and many others didn’t hear a thing, but for those who did, the noise was startling.

“A very loud boom that shook the house,” one woman told dispatch when she called 911.

Despite so many people hearing it, no one can clear up what happened.

No earthquakes were recorded during that time, and there weren’t any power outages.

Some say it sounded like a sonic boom, but McConnell air force base told KSN on Saturday that they weren’t aware of the sound and couldn’t account for it.

On Monday, McConnell and Sedgwick County dispatch said they didn’t have any new information on the strange sound.

While officials can’t clear up what happened, those who report hearing the boom in areas have not found any visible signs of damage.

So, if you heard it, you’re not the only one, but what exactly caused it may remain a mystery.