BOGOTA, Columbia (AP) – Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a boost to Colombia’s efforts to slash cocaine production Tuesday.

Pompeo visited wounded Colombian police and soldiers Tuesday in the Colombian capital, Bogota.

He announced the U.S. is committing a million dollars to help fund re-training for those injured in the effort to stem cocaine trafficking.

That work is often undertaken under dangerous conditions.

Colombia has been under pressure from the Trump administration over cocaine production.

Secretary Pompeo paid tribute to soldiers and civilians killed or injured in cocaine eradication, most by landmine explosions.

“We reached new highs, you reached new highs in your efforts that came with a lot of sweat, a lot of training, a lot of hard work and a lot of risk,” Secretary Pompeo said. “The United States knows that we stand with you to assist you in these important efforts,” he said.

“We recognize the injuries and suffering that some of you and your families have experienced. Today I am announcing a one-million-dollar project to improve the ability of wounded warriors to find employment, to have successful careers after their time in service when they’ve sacrificed so much on this important mission,” Secretary Pompeo said.