WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Local health clinics claim the need for medical services is increasing in our communities. GraceMed Health Clinic in Wichita is a non-profit organization serving the underserved. Friday, they celebrated their expansion by dedicating a new building to the late Thomas R. Docking, a former Lieutenant Governor of Kansas.

“He was an incredible community member as his widow, Jill,” said Governor Laura Kelly

“I mean, he did a whole lot for the community. He believed in taking care of the disenfranchised, the underinsured, the uninsured, and so this is just a continuation of his legacy,” said Venus Lee, CEO of GraceMed. 

Both Kelly and Lee played a role in the dedication of the building while recognizing the growing need for medical care among underserved Kansans.

“There’s really nothing more important than people having access to quality health care at an affordable price,” added Kelly. 

“I have family members who utilize the services, and I want them to have the best, and I want our community to have the best,” continued Lee. 

JV Johnston is the Executive Director of Guadalupe Clinic, which also serves the under or non-insured. He said patient numbers are way up. 

“Our patient schedule allows for one or two patients to be seen on a walk-in basis, and we’re having three, four, or five people a day coming in on a walk-in basis wanting to be seen, and we should figure out how to make that happen,” mentioned Johnston. 

One thing is certain, demand for care is increasing.

“People just want to take care of their families, take care of themselves, take care of their families, and if we can help do that, it’s an awfully good feeling,” concluded Johnston.

Governor Kelly said there are 150,000 Kansans who don’t have access to health care. The expansion of the availability of these services is crucial, she said.