HUTCHINSON, Kansas – Kansas will have a new gun law that allows people to carry a concealed firearm without a permit.

The only restrictions are anyone under the age of 21 and criminals are legally prohibited from possessing a firearm. Critics are worried because that means untrained citizens could carry concealed.

The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office told KSN News they don’t make comments in regards to new laws that will be put in effect. However, Reno County Sheriff Randy Henderson has concerns.

“Good people carrying guns, I’m all for that, with the training,” said Reno County Sheriff Randy Henderson. “The aspect of the law I didn’t like was when they took the training aspect out of it.”

Henderson testified at the statehouse in March where he opposed to allow concealed weapons without a permit.

“Without any training what so ever, you don’t know what level proficiency you have,” Henderson said.

He’s concerned that without the proper training, a person with the best intention could put themselves in harm’s way.

“You’ve got people who have no training, they may have all the best intent in the world be holding somebody at gun point for law enforcement, not realizing law enforcement gets a call about a guy with a gun,” said Henderson.

At Bob’s Trading Post in Hutchinson, the owner, Bob Turner, has seen some increased interest in firearms. Turner believes there’s plenty that can be learned from the training course. He says he’s gotten mixed reaction from customers about the new law.

“People that already have permits would like to see everybody have a training class. Some of them think it’s great. There’s mixed feelings on both sides,” Turner said.

The conceal carry gun safety course will still be offered and you can still get a permit.

Many other states will allow you to carry a concealed weapon if you have a permit from Kansas.

KSN tried to find out if the new gun law will affect Kansas college campuses. Wichita State University pointed KSN to the Kansas Board of Regents policy that prohibits weapons. The policy bans weapons, explosives and other hazardous objects and substances, but it specifically mentions handguns, pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns and firearms of any nature. That included concealed weapons.

The policy does not apply to law enforcement officers or armored car security personnel. It goes on to say it’s a misdemeanor to carry a concealed weapon on university property or in any university facility where it’s prohibited by the personal and family protection act.