SALINA, Kan. (KSNW) — According to Saline County Sheriff Roger Soldan, the county jail is overflowing. Thankfully, work is already in progress to relieve the issue.

In 2020, voters approved a new $89 million jail. The current jail can hold 192 inmates, but they currently have about 260 in custody. In addition, Soldan also said that the current facility is falling apart.

There are two parts to the current jail: one built-in 1962 and the other in 1995. It took about a year from the 2020 election to get dirt moving at the new jail site.

“Once they started putting foundations down, slab on gray, and putting in the pre cast cells, it is starting to look like a building,” said Saline County Administrator Phillip Smith-Hanes.

Once finished, there will be 392 beds, a new medical space, a special needs area, and room for programs like life skills.

“It’s not just building cells to lock people up. It is also helping to try and rehabilitate them as they go back into the community,” said Smith-Hanes.

While the current jail waits for the next year to come, construction is moving smoothly. Inflation and supply chain issues have not been a problem, but of course, Kansas weather has gotten in the way. 23 weather days were built into the schedule, and they have had to 15 already.

“We might not quite make it by September 25th of next year, but we are hoping for good weather,” said Smith-Hanes.

Even with a few bumps in the road, there is great anticipation for the jail to be finished.

“It is just going to make a huge difference in our community for public safety,” said Soldan.

The jail is being paid through a half-cent sales tax that the county expects to pay off the new facility in 16 to 17 years. As for the current jail, the county is starting to look at multiple options on possibly using it for county operations.