ROSE HILL, Kan. (KSNW) – A Rose Hill man is still baffled after discovering a snake in his couch. Justin Bailey’s Monday morning got off to a rough start. He was getting ready for work and couldn’t find his keys. He checked his couch thinking they may have slipped down in there.

“So, I reach into the right side, and I feel something. That doesn’t feel right,” said Bailey.

He pulled back the cushion to find a snake.

“Thankfully, I did not yell or have any visible reaction, but I’m telling you I was panicking on the inside,” said Bailey.

That panic caused him to call 911.

“In my short 12 years, I have never dealt with anything quite like this before,” said Lt. Taylor Parlier, Rose Hill Police Department. “Bobcats, any number of wild animals, but I’ve never had to deal with a constrictor snake that somebody found in a couch when they didn’t even own a snake.”

Rose Hill police and fire arrived on scene to remove the more than 6-foot boa constrictor from the home.

“He was very docile. So, I took my gloves off and just picked him up,” said Deputy Chief Melvin Linot, Butler County Fire District 3.

The snake’s calmness makes Deputy Fire Chief Linot believe it was likely someone’s pet.

It’s at a pet store now waiting for its owner to hopefully claim it soon. As for Bailey, he said it can stay there.

“Hopefully, never have to deal with that ever again,” said Bailey. “I would very much like to know the story of how their snake got into my couch,” said Bailey.

Law enforcement said they still don’t know where the snake came from or how long it was in the man’s couch.